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Helping Halloween Award

We're shining the light on Trick or Treaters who join us in

Caring instead of Scaring!

Kaneland Elementary North, Second Grade You are Awesome!

Our staff and family at Conley Funeral Home were so impressed with your thank you cards and how well behaved you were on your visit to us, we decided to ADD ANOTHER PRIZE to our "No Fear" Halloween Night.


to get your No Fear sticker and be included in our drawing for tickets to FUN WAY and a dinner for mom & dad. Just like we promised. In addition, no matter where you go on Halloween: JOIN US BY "Caring" instead of "Scaring" while you are in your Halloween Costume and we'll give you:

  • A cool pocket flashlight that really works and A Helping Halloween Award for "Caring instead of Scaring".
  • You might ALSO be chosen by the Elburn Herald to have your "Helping Halloween" adventure and/or picture published!

We hope you can stop by the funeral home for your NO FEAR sticker and to be entered in our drawing. BUT we know that Halloween is a busy night for you and your family Soooooooo, EVEN IF YOU CAN'T TRICK OR TREAT AT CONLEYS, IF YOU JOIN US IN "Caring instead of Scaring" you can still win a cool flashlight and a Helping Halloween award certificate. All you need to do is bring your teacher a photograph OR a hand drawn picture of YOU in your Halloween Costume AND a written or picture story, signed by your parent, describing what you did to "Care instead of Scare" while you were in your costume this Halloween.

Dear Parents,

No Fear Stickers:

For over eighty years, we've been a family owned and operated funeral home with a special place in our hearts for kids. For over twenty-five of those years, we've been providing educational tours , programs and publications to help children and adults throughout the area. More than a thousand children come through our funeral home each year. Our goal is to help kids learn that we're a "Caring Place", not a "Scaring Place". Just like hospitals and health centers, the funeral home should be a welcoming place to go when life hurts. When I was a boy growing up, we lived at the funeral home and friends and neighbors came to "trick or treat" at our house just like any other. I'd like to keep it that way. Visiting the funeral home to trick or treat will be fun and kids can prove it with the unique, "No Fear" sticker they'll receive when you stop by.

"Helping Halloween" Flashlights and Awards

With all of the commercialization about Halloween, sometimes its easy for some kids to absorb the idea that this holiday is an excuse to be mean; to TRICK instead of TREAT others kindly. We're rewarding kids for using their disguises and costumes to "surprise" someone by doing something nice! It's a "Helping Halloween" idea. Visit shut-ins, do something nice for a neighbor or try a "reverse tick-or-treat" that shows someone you care. No one will really know who was "Caring instead of Scaring" in their Halloween costume, but we'll shine the light on your good deeds with a cool pocket flashlight gift*, a real "Helping Halloween" award and a chance to have your Caring deed published in the Elburn Herald. To join our "Helping Halloween – Caring not Scaring" contest, tell us about your Helping Halloween adventure with words, hand drawn pictures, photographs or all three. Have your parent or a responsible adult sign your story and then bring it to school. With your teacher's help, will give you the flashlight and award and take your Helping Halloween stories to the Elburn Herald where one or more will be chosen to be published. Got Questions? Just call us at 630-365-6414. Thanks! You have an awesome second grader.

Bruce H. Conley

Note to Teachers:

The accompanying letter explains our "Helping Halloween" contest and our "No Fear" stickers but we can't make this a real success without your help. Please help us with our "Helping Halloween" contest by explaining to children how it works:

  • Goal: To get kids involved in "surprising" people with unexpected kindness this Halloween.
  • Timing: Do your Helping Halloween surprise any time between October 7 and November 3.
  • Process: Have your contest entry post marked no later than Monday, November 3rd.
  • Prizes: A) Cool Green Flashlight – awarded by your teacher when you turn in your "Helping Halloween" report. Awarded at Conley Funeral Home if you turn in your report when you trick-or-treat at Conleys on Halloween Night.
  • NO FEAR Sticker – Awarded ONLY at Conleys when you trick or treat there on Halloween Night.
  • You will be entered into the Fun Way drawing when you turn in your report either at school or at Conleys or when it's received at Conleys by mail. The winner of the drawing will be announced at school and in the Elburn Herald the week of November 3rd.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to call us at 630-365-6414 or e -mail to info@conleycare.com. Thanks so much for your help.

Bruce H. Conley