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Memories are the things you keep...

                                      ...and we can help you keep them

Every life has a story to tell, but the black and white of words can only go so far. Let us help you bring color and music to your story and paint a picture of a life that mere words could never do. Where do we start? Everything you need, you already have! We not only open our hearts to every family we are blessed to serve, we also open our doors. Our house is your house for as long as we are together and that means you can make it your own. No one lives in a home devoid of pictures, paintings, knick-knacks, books, music and movies. Gather up your most treasured pieces that speak to a life fully lived and let us display them throughout the funeral home. Bring us CD's, iPod's and playlists or utilize our Pandora Internet Radio Option. You can share the music that became the backdrop to the millions of memories made over the years. Bring your tractors, classic cars, customized trucks, snowmobiles, ATV's and motorcycles so that we can show the world the passions which were so important to the one you loved.

That is just the beginning.


The photos at home that may be in frames, in albums or maybe piled in a drawer (or drawers!) are the perfect medium for us to not only highlight your loved ones life, but also create keepsakes that can be copied and shared amongst friends and family for generations.

We can bring together your written life story and combine it with a few of your favorite photos for an original memorial folder that is like no other you have seen. Another option would be our laminated "holy" or remembrance cards that include prayers or poems and incorporate pictures to make a memento to stand the test of time. These and more options below can be purchased individually or combined to create your own "Memorial Package".


We have devoted years, using the latest technology, to not only scan your original photos at the highest rate, but we use those scans to create innovative original DVD's that can include up to 100 photos, special music and captions. This is not your ordinary slide show. This professionally created DVD plays like a movie of your life on our wide screen televsion and you will be amazed at the comments you receive.

In addition to the DVD, we take the same pictures that were once in your home but are now scanned, cropped, and corrected, and transform them into digital scrapbook pages that we print on high quality 12 X 12 paper. Those pages are then placed in custom wood frames that show six pages at a time. These are hung or displayed during the visitation and service. After the services, we take those same pages and slide them into your very own album to take home. Copies of the book or even just a few select pages are available, as are everything we produce.

Even if you aren't sure that you have 100 pictures, we can still take a handful of your favorites and create a "mini" version (up to 30 picutres) of both the DVD and Scrapbook.


You are more than welcome to video tape any of the services you have selected or you can also opt for us to video for you! The cost of video taping will include an extra staff member, a SD memory card, and camera rental. After the services, you receive the SD memory card with the raw footage so you can copy, edit, email and share with others.


As easy as it may seem, collecting photos is difficult grief work. Not only are you confronted with the loss every time you pick up a picture, each of those pictures contains a story that you will relive. Give yourself time and maybe think about putting together some photos before the time comes. Any decision you make ahead of time will be one less added burden when the times get increasingly difficult.